Totally Terrific Tuesdays

 TTTC is a drop-off program that offers two classes and supervised lunch/play from 10:30 - 2:00 at the Montford Recreational Center. The classes meet for 12 weeks from September - December and February - May. Our classes for the fall 2019 semester are being determined collaboratively by the students and families that participate.  For more information, contact Lisa at 828-335-9349.

Grades 1-3
The cost for each session is $155. Materials fees for each class are noted in the class description. These fees are paid to the teacher on the first day of class.

Session 1 (September 3- October 8)

Investigating Insects with Cassandra Love
In this class, we will learn about insects and other invertebrates. We will use scientific skills to discover more about these fascinating creepy crawly critters. We will map the movements of crickets and hatch butterflies from larvae. Materials fee: $15
Let's Make a Movie about an Insect with Lisa Smith
Students will select and craft an insect which they will use as a prop in their movie.  As they craft, they will also plan the parts of their movie.  We will then shoot a combination of crafted insects, student acting and voice-overs, as chosen by the student, which we will use in editing, together with insect sounds and music to complete their short movie.  Students will get a DVD or digital link of their movie, as preferred.  
Materials fee: $15

Grades 1-3: Session 2 (October 15 - November 19)

Animal Kingdom with Cassandra Love
Each week, we will look at a different type of vertebrate from the animal kingdom. From amphibians to mammals, we will look at what these different types of animals have in common and what makes them unique.
Materials fee: $10
All About Rockets! with Lisa Smith
Students will learn about rocket shapes and propulsion, and create a take-home learning toy each week.  Soda-straw rockets, balloon rockets, stomp rockets and more!   
Materials fee: $15

Grades 4-6 also available with other instructors.